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Opposition to Potential Tacoma Paid Sick Leave Ordinance

The AGC is helping lead a coalition of trade associations and businesses in Tacoma in opposition to any government mandated paid sick leave policy. Proponents are circulating a draft proposal that would mandate paid sick leave for people who work more than 80 hours per year within city limits. The coalition opposing the potential ordinance is telling the City Council that:

  • Employees are critical to every business and every business knows and values their employees.
  • Don’t ask for detailed tracking jurisdiction by jurisdiction each with different rules.
  • Even for businesses already providing similar benefits the proponent’s proposal increases the burdens of tracking and reporting. There is not an epidemic in Tacoma of businesses behaving badly.
  • The citizens of Tacoma are more concerned with job creation police & fire services and getting the potholes filled.

For more information on the harmful draft proposal see attachment.

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