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Zero Construction Fatalities This Year!

New reports from the Department of Labor and Industries indicated that there have been NO construction-related fatalities in the first half of 2013!

This is great news and it occurs even as worker hours have been increasing lately. AGC Safety Director Mandi Kime says credit for this good news goes in large measure to the fact that safety has become a core value for our industry.

Safety in today’s construction workforce is no longer just about compliance with rules rather its a culture of caring for one another” Kime said. Workers in construction today understand that the impacts of unsafe behavior reach far beyond themselves — the losses are felt by all members of the team. While we can celebrate this promising trend this is no time to rest on our laurels as fatalities are never acceptable. In order to maintain this current trajectory employers will need to invest heartily in their safety training and enforcement especially as we embark on the busiest time of year for our industry. If you have subcontractors on your sites that need help with safety give them a hand. There is no plagiarism in safety and the impact of mentoring others for safety will be felt by many workers and their families.

Please remember the AGC Safety Staff are here to help and will gladly meet you at your site and help you evaluate current practices. AGC can also help out with your written programs training needs as well as required signage. Please do not hesitate to call for assistance: 206-284-0061 or 800-562-2868 or email Mandi Kime.

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