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L&I Targeting High Risk Employers

On May 23 2013 the Department of Labor and Industries with the support of business and labor representatives from the Construction Advisory Committee sent letters to nearly 200 construction employers in this state. The letter identified the recipients as the employers in their respective Risk Class Code as having the highest claim frequency or highest claim costs or both.

The intent is to try and get L&I resources where they are needed most and not invest as much time on employers who are already doing great things for safety explained AGC Safety Director Mandi Kime. These letters firmly set the expectation that recipients had 60 days to contact L&I’s Consultation division for assistance. Failure to do so puts these employers on an elevated enforcement list for compliance activities.

The Construction Advisory Committee responsible for this effort has worked hard for many years to help L&I get their resources to the employers who need the attention and assistance most.

Should you or your subcontractors receive one of these letters please make the call to consultation their help is free! added Kime. You can also call AGCs Safety Department for more assistance and resources. If you know of a contractor who received the letter encourage them to work with L&I. It helps the whole industry.

For more information on this project the Construction Advisory Committee on safety related issues contact Mandi Kime 206-284-0061 or 800-562-2868.

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