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With a Focus on Member Value, AGC Board Sets Goals for 2009

By Steve Barger AGC President

Change is the only constant. Therefore AGCs Board of Trustees and staff continually identify key industry issues discuss them and gain consensus on priorities. The ultimate goal is to increase the value of being a member of AGC.

The AGC Board held our annual retreat in June. We retreated to the second floor conference room in the AGC building with AGCs department heads and district managers. Our objective was to focus on priorities for 2009 and to set a path for a new longer-term strategic plan.

We had lively energetic and fun discussions about our recent history. This included lessons learned accomplishments strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats. With that data as the backdrop we then identified three priority goals for 2009. We believe that accomplishing these goals will result in increased value for our members.

We developed specific objectives for each priority goal. Two Champions were appointed for each goal (one Board member and one AGC staff person) and they are refining the objectives and making sure they are important measurable and have a target date for completion. The expanded objectives will be presented to the Board in September for review and refinement and ultimately we will prepare 2009 budgets and action plans to achieve them.

The three major goals are listed below along with the Champions for each. Examples of a few objectives for each goal are presented to give you a better sense of what will be addressed in the final plan.

  • Goal I – Increase the influence of AGC in Legislative and Regulatory Processes. (Tom Zamzow Rick Slunaker) – Objectives include increasing member visits with legislators financially supporting winning candidates raising more money for BUILD PAC and increasing member participation in legislative actions.
  • Goal II – AGC Education Foundation should be a leader in construction education and be a great member asset. (Lee Kilcup Diane Kocer) – Objectives include providing on-line and teleconferenced classes partnering with AGC Future Leaders Forum to serve as mentors to high schools students and increasing attendance at AGC classes.
  • Goal III – Increase Membership with a specific recruitment strategy while maintaining a high level of retention. (Steve Barger Liz Evans) – Objectives include conducting personal visits with members creating a membership marketing plan and developing a targeted prospect list with specific plans for attracting significant non-members.

Thanks to the Board and staff for the high level of energy and commitment they show each day to improve the value of AGC membership. These people know that AGC members are premier companies and deserve the best results from their AGC involvement.

On another note you all likely know that David DHondt is our new Executive Vice President. Last week was his first full week in AGC offices and well hear more from him in the next AGC Works.

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