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BUILD PAC 2008 Endorsements

BUILD PAC the political action committee for the commercial construction industry has endorsed the candidates below because they have indicated support for our issues and a willingness to listen to our concerns. BUILD PAC has made financial contributions to these candidates and encourages you to support their election. The maximum that individuals can contribute to a candidate running for the legislature is $800 and $1600 for the statewide per election (Primary and General).

This list will be updated as additional endorsements are made by the BUILD PAC Senior Council. The asterisk before a candidates name indicates that they are an incumbent. If you have any questions on a candidate or would like to know how to contact a candidate please contact the AGC Legislative office at 800.690.2630 or


Governor: Dino Rossi (R)

Attorney General: *Rob McKenna (R)

Secretary of State: *Sam Reed (R)

State Treasurer: Jim McIntire (D)

Commissioner of Public Lands: *Doug Sutherland (R)

Lt. Governor: *Brad Owen (D)


Legislative District 1
House Position 2: *Mark Ericks (D)

Legislative District 2
House Position 1: *Jim McCune (R)

Legislative District 4
Senate: *Bob McCaslin (R)

Legislative District 5
Senate: *Cheryl Pflug (R)
House Position 1: *Jay Rodne (R)
House Position 2: *Glenn Anderson (R)

Legislative District 6
House Position 1: Kevin Parker (R)

Legislative District 7
House Position 1: Sue Lani Madsen

Legislative District 8
House Position 2: *Larry Haler (R)

Legislative District 9
Senate: *Mark Schoesler (R)

Legislative District 10
Senate: *Mary Margaret Haugen (D)
House Position 1: *Norma Smith (R)
House Position 2: *Barbara Bailey (R)

Legislative District 11
Senate: *Margarita Prentice (D)

Legislative District 12
Senate: *Linda Evans Parlette (R)
House Position 1: *Cary Condotta (R)
House Position 2: *Mike Armstrong (R)

Legislative District 13
House Position 1: *Judy Warnick (R)
House Position 2: *Bill Hinkle (R)

Legislative District 14
Senate: *Curtis King (R)
House Position 1:  Norm Johnson (R)
House Position 2: *Charles Ross

Legislative District 15
House Position 1: *Bruce Chandler (R)
House Position 2: *Dan Newhouse (R)

Legislative District 16
Senate: *Mike Hewitt (R)
House Position 1: *Maureen Walsh (R)
House Position 2: *Bill Grant (D)

Legislative District 17
Senate: *Don Benton (R)

Legislative District 18
Senate: *Joseph Zarelli (R)
House Position 1: *Jamie Herrera

Legislative District 19
Senate: *Brian Hatfield (D)
House Position 1: *Dean Takko (D)
House Position 2: *Brian Blake (D)

Legislative District 20
Senate: *Dan Swecker (R)
House Position 1: *Richard DeBolt (R)
House Position 2: *Gary Alexander (R)

Legislative District 21
House Position 2: *Marko Liias

Legislative District 22
Senate: *Karen Fraser (D)
House Position 1: *Brendan Williams (D)

Legislative District 23
Senate: *Phil Rockefeller (D)

Legislative District 24
Senate: *Jim Hargrove (D)
House Position 2: *Lynn Kessler (D)

Legislative District 25
House Position 1: Bruce Dammeier (R)
Senate: *Jim Kastama (D)

Legislative District 26
House Position 1: Jan Angel (R)

Legislative District 28
House Position 1: *Troy Kelley (D)
Senate: *Mike Carrell (R)

Legislative District 29
House Position 1: *Steve Conway (D)

Legislative District 30
House Position 2: *Skip Priest (R)

Legislative District 31
House Position 1: *Dan Roach (R)

Legislative District 33
House Position 1: Todd Gibson (R)

Legislative District 35
House Position 1: *Kathy Haigh (D)

Legislative District 36
House Position 1:Reuven Carlyle (D)

Legislative District 39
Senate: *Val Stevens (R)
House Position 1: *Dan Kristiansen (R)
House Position 2: *Kirk Pearson (R)

Legislative District 40
Senate: Steve Van Luven (R)

Legislative District 41
Senate: Fred Jarrett (D)
House Position 1: Stephen Litzow (R)
House Position 2: *Judy Clibborn (D)

Legislative District 42
House Position 1: *Doug Ericksen (R)
House Position 2: *Kelli Linville (D)

Legislative District 43
House Position 1: *Jamie Pederson
House Position 1: *Frank Chopp (D)

Legislative District 44
House Position 2: *Liz Loomis (D)

Legislative District 45
House Position 2: *Larry Springer (D)

Legislative District 46
House Position 1: Scott White (D)

Legislative District 48
House Position 1: *Ross Hunter (D)
House Position 2: *Deborah Eddy (D)

Local Government
Skagit County Commissioner 2nd District: Don Gordon (R)

Pierce County Executive: Calvin Goings (D)

Pierce County Executive: Shawn Bunney (R)

Yakima County Commissioner 2nd District: Kevin Bouchey (R)

These congressional candidates from Washington State have received
contributions from the AGC of Americas political action committee.

Congressional District 2: *Rick Larsen (D)

Congressional District 4: *Richard Doc Hastings (R)

Congressional District 5: *Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R)

Congressional District 8: *Dave Reichert (R)


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