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A Path to Achieving Higher Performance Building

by Kirsten Barnes McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge

(Editors Note: Kirsten Barnes is Strategic Account Manager for McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge and is the contact for AGC of Washingtons alliance with Dodge that gives AGC members the lowest prices for bidding tools and market intelligence. Email Kirsten or call 425.576.0421.)

Siemens Infrastructure & Cities collaborated with McGraw-Hill Construction to provide key metrics and to map a path for building owners and managers to migrate lower performing facilities toward higher stages of sustainability. Click A Path to Achieving Higher Performance Building to read the full report.

The research not only establishes a baseline performance metric of the state of building portfolios today but also assesses specific improvements and ongoing operational practices that have been implemented in the past—and are likely to be implemented in the future.

This can serve as a valuable guide for the marketplace to determine a roadmap to high performing buildings and assess specific building improvements and retrofits that the industry associates with high levels of building performance. Some key highlights include the following:

  • On average one quarter of buildings in an organization’s portfolio are placed at a low level of the High-Performance spectrum while only 15% are characterized as advanced.
  • HVAC improvements lighting and building automation system improvements have been most frequently implemented across portfolios.
  • Ongoing operational activities in the areas of advanced energy analytics public-facing portals and sustainability management software while limited in implementation today are expected to grow over the next three years.
  • Implementation of sustainability policies energy benchmarking and use of energy and utility management software have the highest levels of implementation and remain valuable tools as buildings migrate from lower to higher performance levels.

I will occasionally share reports such as these from McGraw-Hill Constructions portfolio of pertinent industry information as part of our alliance with AGC to provide AGC members with low cost bidding tools and market intelligence.

Let me know if you would like more information about these tools call me at 425.576.0421. Or attend this event in Fife:

Tuesday March 5 at noon AGC Fife Office (3601 20th St E in Fife): Come learn about the McGraw-Hill business development tools. Lunch will be provided and all attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Dodge’s 2013 Construction Outlook a detailed National and Regional look at the economy as it relates to Construction. Come join us and learn how McGraw-Hill can help you:

  • Track and Forecast Market Trends
  • Analyze your competition
  • Identify new pockets of opportunity (learn which market segments are projecting growth)
  • Get in on projects in design before they “hit the street”
  • Easily access currently bidding jobs and the plans and specs to bid

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