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Bob Maus Named to WISHA Advisory Committee

Bob Maus Safety and Risk Manager for Ferguson Construction has been named to the WISHA Advisory Committee by Labor and Industries Director Judy Schurke. Maus succeeds Tim Gottberg of GLY Construction.

The Committee was established by the Legislature in 1997 to provide a forum for discussion of Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH formerly WISHA Services Division) programs and policies and for the development of creative new initiatives in the area of occupational safety and health. It is comprised of four employer representatives and four labor representatives.

Maus brings 15 years of experience at Ferguson to his role on the committee. Maus takes over for Gottberg on the Advisory Committee much like he succeeded Gottberg as Fergusons safety manager eight years ago.

Tim was my mentor when I was just an office guy and ‘gopher at Ferguson Maus said. He was our safety director for several years and helped start the WISHA Advisory Committee; hes been there since day one. After Tim left Ferguson for GLY I became safety director and I continue to call on Tim for advice.

Maus is very active in the AGC. He chairs the Seattle District Safety Committee and in past years has been on AGC committees regarding substance abuse issues. He manages Fergusons environmental and claims management programs.

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