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EPA and AGC Provide Guidance for Reducing Diesel Emissions

Increasingly state and local governments are considering requirements for contractors to reduce emissions from their off-road diesel equipment. As new more stringent clean air standards go into effect and with the potential for the national implementation of the California diesel retrofit mandate contractors are in the cross-hairs.

AGC continues to warn policymakers that major engine overhauls are extremely expensive and some companies are better positioned than others to make such an investment. Responding to AGCs concerns EPAs new brochure called Low-Cost Ways to Cleaner Construction offers all contractors and particularly the small businesses that dominate the industry bottom-line information on affordable ways to bring about positive environmental results.

AGC members can order up to 100 copies of the EPA brochure free of charge by contacting the National Service Center for Environmental Publications at 800-490-9198 or online by clicking here and ordering publication number 420F08008.

That brochure draws from a more detailed report that AGC of America helped EPA prepare last year entitled Clean Diesels: Low Cost Ways to Reduce Emissions from Construction Equipment. This detailed report is available in pdf format by clicking here.

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