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Global Harmonization…Say What?

Many AGC members are being solicited to purchase Hazard Communication Management Programs and Training Materials from marketing groups claiming that the members are out of compliance with the new Global Harmonization Standard. This is absolutely not true and not necessary.

Federal OSHA did promulgate a new rule related to Hazard Communications based on the International Global Harmonization System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). However there is a phase-in approach with this rule. The first actionable deadline isn’t until December 2013 which relates to training. Labor and Industries has begun the rule promulgation process for Washington employers and is also developing training resources and compliance tools. For more information on this see the Q &A document created by L&I in December.

As always AGC is here to help you comply contact AGC Safety Director Mandi Kime 206-284-0061 or 800-562-2868. As training/ resource information becomes available we will share it with you via the AGC website and at the AGC Safety Forums. Click here for a schedule of upcoming Forums.

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