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Valuable Info Within L&I Report

The Department of Labor and Industries published a new resource on the top 25 hazardous industries in Washington as ranked by the prevention Index. The data spans a five year window and looks at the most hazardous NAICS codes in Washington based on the formula of #of claims/10000 full-time equivalent employees. Construction-related NAICS make up seven of those top 25 industries.

What can be learned from this publication are the:

  • # of deaths
  • # of claims
  • Top 5 occupations with Claims in that NAICS
  • Top 5 types of workplace Incidents
  • Top 5 Compliance Violations in that NAICS

“Our hope is that employers within these NAICS as well as other employers will use this information to target the true sources of injuries and incidents in their type of work” says Mandi Kime AGC Safety Director. “We will work with L&I to get data like this published for all construction NAICS as this type of information is too valuable not to share.”

For more information contact AGC Safety Director Mandi Kime 206-284-0061 or 800- 562-2868.

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