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AGC/BUILD PAC Primary Election Endorsements

Need help completing your ballot? Committees of AGC members and staff have put in scores of hours interviewing candidates for office searching for the most business- and construction-friendly candidates to recommend for funding by AGCs BUILD PAC (with AGC of America PAC contributing to federal candidates). Below is a of those so far who have received primary election support from AGC including Rob McKenna and several legislative local and judiciary candidates. More names will likely be added after the primary so check back!

Click the candidates names to visit their websites for more information and to consider ways you could lend additional support.

Statewide Races


Rob McKenna

Lt. Governor

Brad Owen

Secretary of State

Jim Kastama (Did not survive primary.)

State Auditor

Troy Kelley

State Legislature

District 1

Luis Moscoso (House)

District 2

Gary Alexander (House)

Randi Becker (Senate)

District 5

Chad Magendanz (House)

District 10

Mary Margaret Haugen (Senate)

District 11

Stephanie Bowman (House) (Did not survive primary.)

Robert Hasegawa (Senate)

District 12

Cary Condotta (House)

Mike Armstrong (House)

District 14

Curtis King (Senate)

District 16

Mike Hewitt (Senate)

District 18

Ann Rivers (Senate)

District 19

Dean Takko (House)

Brian Blake (House)

Brian Hatfield (Senate)

District 20

Dan Swecker (Senate)

District 25

Shelly Schlumpf (House)

Hans Zeiger (House)

Bruce Dammeier (Senate)

District 26

Jan Angel (House)

District 28

Mike Carrell (Senate)

District 30

Linda Kochmar (House)

Katrina Asay (House)

District 31

Cathy Dahlquist (House)

Chris Hurst (House)

District 32

Cindy Ryu (House)

District 36

Brett Phillips (Did not survive primary.) and Gael Tarleton (House)

District 41

Judy Clibborn (House)

Stephen Litzow (Senate)

District 44

Hans Dunshee (House)

District 45

Larry Springer (House)

District 47

Mark Hargrove (House)

District 48

Cyrus Habib (House)

District 49

Jim Moeller (House)

Local Races

Pierce County Council

Joyce McDonald (Position 2)

Jim McCune (Position 3)

Doug Richardson (Position 6)


King County Superior Court

Roger Davidheiser (Did not survive primary.)

State Supreme Court Seat 9

Richard Sanders and Bruce Hilyer (Did not survive primary.)

Federal Offices — U.S. House of Representatives

The AGC of America PAC has contributed to the following federal candidates from Washington State:

District 2

Rick Larsen

District 3

Jaime Herrera-Beutler

District 5

Cathy McMorris Rodgers

District 6

Derek Kilmer

District 8

Dave Reichert

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