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Seattle-Area Primary Election Endorsements

by Jerry Dinndorf AGC Seattle District Manager

Based upon recommendations provided by the AGC Seattle District Local Government Affairs Committee AGC’s BUILD PAC has made campaign contributions to candidates running in the 5th 11th 30th 36th 44th 45th and 48th Districts. Candidates recommended for member vote and financial support in the August 7 State Primary are:

• 5th Legislative District (Issaquah area) House position 2: Chad Magendanz

• 11th legislative District (South Seattle area) Senate: Robert Hasegawa

• 11th legislative District (South Seattle area) House position 2: Stephanie Bowman

• 30th Legislative District (Federal Way) House position 1: Linda Kochmar

• 36th Legislative District (Queen Anne Hill area) position 2: Brett Phillips or Gael Tarleton

• 48th Legislative District (Bellevue-Redmond area) House Position 2: Cyrus Habib

• King County Superior Court: Roger Davidheiser

After this early round of interviews candidates were evaluated based upon their electability ability to work with others knowledge of and support for industry issues and relevant experience. As campaigns progress more recommendations will be made.

AGC’s BUILD PAC is the commercial construction industry’s Political Action Committee that evaluates and supports candidates and ballot measures which support our industry. When making your decision on what legislative candidates to support in the primary election we ask that you to consider the AGC BUILD PAC endorsements.

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