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Tentative Agreements Reached with All Unions

On Friday June 1 AGC reached a tentative agreement with the Carpenters Union. With this agreement negotiations with all five of the basic crafts have been completed. The Laborers Teamsters Operating Engineers and Cement Masons agreed to tentative agreements earlier last week.

Common elements in the agreements are:

  • Agreements are for three years;
  • The City of Seattle’s mandatory Sick Leave Ordinance has been specifically waived;
  • Commuting tolls will be the employee’s responsibility;
  • Wage and fringe packages agreed to were around the 2-3% per year range;
  • Normal hours of worked were extended to 5:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The agreements now will be presented to the union memberships for ratification. This process will extend through June. The effective date of new wage fringe rates will vary with each craft. See below for a summary of the first year of the agreement.

For more information contact AGCs Director of Labor Relations Doug Peterson 206-284-0061.

First Year of Three Year Agreement
  Effective   Total Increase Wage Health Pension Apprentice
Carpenters July 2 2012   +$1.10 +$0.58 +$0.50   +$0.02
Cement Masons July 2 2012   +$0.98 +$0.98      
Laborers June 1 2012

Group 1
Group 2A
Group 2B
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
Group 6

+$0.30 +$0.10  
Operators Upon Ratification   +$1.50 +$0.75   +$0.75  
Teamsters In Ratification Process    



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