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Centennial Contractors Wins Grand Award for Safety Excellence

Centennial Contractors Enterprises Inc. believes that a well-educated workforce reduces accidents and fosters a culture of safety and it implements a comprehensive and robust training program for all of its employees.

For its safety record and innovation Centennial received the 2012 AGC Build Washington width=299Grand Award for Safety Excellence.

Each employee including office and administrative staff is required to take OSHA-30 every three years. Centennial imposes a three year shelf life on the OSHA-30 training because it believes that continual training on standards and expectations is necessary to maintain safe and productive job sites.

OSHA-30 is just the foundation of Centennials safety program and this AGC Safety Team member builds on that constantly. Centennial hosts an annual safety day and a week-long safety training event. This year the multi-faceted program included First Aid CPR and AED re-qualification an excavation competent person class flagging and temporary traffic control training and certification and qualified rigger and signalperson training.

To ensure these and other training activities reflect the needs and wants of its workforce they are coordinated by Centennials safety committee. Its safety committee is the companys mechanism to make sure management hears what employees have to say about the Centennial culture and their ideas for improvements to safety processes. The safety committee brings real-life issues to the table and the Centennial management team is charged with addressing any concerns employees may have with regard to safety.

New hires at Centennial receive in-depth training from project safety managers or officers. This orientation covers Centennials safety policies and procedures expectations requirements and disciplinary policies. Employees then travel to Centennials home office near Washington DC for a week of orientation that includes additional formal safety training. Prior to having employees work in the field Centennial conducts an informal awareness audit with each employee to ensure he/she has the required skills to function safely in the field. If any shortcomings are detected a Centennial safety team member assists the employee until his or her skill level is proficient.

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