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Labor Negotiations Update

by Doug Peterson AGC Labor Relations Director

With labor contracts expiring May 31 2012 negotiations with the Carpenters Cement Masons Laborers Operating Engineers and Teamsters continue. Meetings are scheduled with all five unions into the final two weeks of the May.

Even though no wage increases have been given for the past two years the current construction outlook has not improved putting severe pressure on the union contractors to be competitive and limiting the options available to the committees. Also the committees must consider the needs of the respective health and pension trusts. While most plans are currently healthy there are some with needs for the long term.

The negotiating committees have strong leadership and include many experienced contractor members. Given the limited time available before May 31 some of the negotiations may continue into June. However no work stoppages are anticipated.

Any breakthrough in the negotiations will be made available to the AGC membership.

For additional information contact Doug Peterson 206-284-0061.

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