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Labor Negotiations Begin

By Doug Peterson AGC Labor Relations Director

Labor negotiations between AGC negotiation teams and each of the five crafts are underway. Meetings with the Operating Engineers and Laborers are schedule for this week. Initial meetings with the Cement Masons Teamsters and Carpenters are schedule for the first two weeks in April.

Since the beginning of the year AGC negotiating committees have been meeting to prepare for negotiations. Additionally meetings were held in all AGC districts soliciting input from AGC contract members.

The negotiating teams are selected to provide a broad representation of contractors signatory to the respective crafts. The teams have a diversity of experience in previous negotiations — each includes veterans of the process and we always bring in new members to provide leadership in future negotiations.

All five of our committees are lead by contractors who are experienced in negotiations and many who serve on the union trusts which gives them added knowledge and perspective of the issues which will be addressed in the 2012 negotiations.

This years negotiating committees chairs are:

Carpenters – Wilf Wainhouse Sellen Construction

Cement Masons –Philo Hall Lease Construction Lewis

Laborers – Craig Holt Absher Construction

Operators – Brett Ferullo Northwest Construction and Mike Tucci Tucci and Sons

Teamsters – Mike Lee Lakeside Industries and Tim Tucci Tucci and Sons

The negotiations are coordinated by the AGC Labor Committee which is headed by Mike Tucci and has all the committee chairs and several at-large contractor representatives to assure representation of all aspects of the industry.

For additional information contact Doug Peterson 206-284-0061.

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