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Please Support the Prevailing Wage Reforms in SSB 6421 and SSB 6480!

Substitute Senate Bill 6421 would specifically authorize contractors to file affidavits of wages paid on behalf of other contractors that are either out of business or simply refuse to cooperate. Of course this will speed up release of retainage and closeout of projects.

Substitute Senate Bill 6480 provides a prevailing wage safe harbor for contractors. Under this bill a contractor could ask the Industrial Statistician for a written determination of: (1) whether prevailing wages apply to a given work item or (2) which prevailing wage applies to a given work item. Once issued by Labor & Industries a contractor would have protection against any subsequent agency or employee wage claim that prevailing wages should have been paid or a different prevailing wage should have been paid as the case may be.

Your quick action is requested as these bills are on the Senate floor calendar and could be voted on soon by members of the Senate.

Urge your members of the Senate to SUPPORT SSB 6421 and SSB 6480. If you have any questions on either of these bills contact Van Collins at or 360.352.5000.

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