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Oppose House Bill 2412

Oppose House Bill 2412 which will impose major new civil and criminal penalties in WISHA cases.

AGC and its members work hard to help protect workers’ in the construction industry. House Bill 2412 does nothing to promote safety. If adopted House Bill 2412 would impose new civil and criminal penalties in WISHA cases as well as major new whistleblower and “victim” rights.

Talking Points

• The ambiguities and lack of precision surrounding the new penalties will have a chilling effect on honest employers trying to do the right thing causing a hostile environment between L&I and legitimate employers.

• Focusing strictly on punishment rather than prevention takes the focus away from improving safety in the workplace. This is especially true for small businesses for whom WISHA regulations are already complex and administratively difficult and who need the most help implementing strong safety programs.

• Workplace injury and illness rates have been declining steadily and are now at their lowest levels. This legislation would do nothing to lower these rates further.

• Similar legislation is pending in the U.S. Congress for the federal OSHA statute. Washington State should not once again impose a new duplicative more burdensome standard than the overlapping federal law.

• Last year legislation was adopted relating to abatement of safety violations during appeals and that reform needs time to work.

• L&I already has sufficient enforcement tools and penalties to impose where the circumstances warrant. HB 2412 picks an unnecessary fight with honest employers with overbroad provisions and ambiguous mandates.

Your quick action is requested as House Bill 2412 is on the floor calendar and could be for a voted on soon by members of the House of Representatives.

Urge your members of the House of Representatives to OPPOSE House Bill 2412. If you have any questions on House Bill 2412 contact Rick Slunaker at or 360.352.5000.

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