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Prevailing Wage Bills Aim to Release Retention, Protect Contractors

Two prevailing wage-related bills supported by AGC received legislative hearings this week.

Senate Bill 6421 would permit general contractors or upper tier subcontractors to file affidavits of wages paid on behalf of subcontractors who were no longer available or unwilling to file an affidavit of wages paid. This will close out projects faster and result in the release of retention to all other contractors.

Senate Bill 6480 would provide a safe harbor to contractors that have either obtained an actual determination from Labor & Industries or have in the ordinary course of business a history of paying wages under a certain work classification and filed and received approval of affidavits of wages paid relative thereto. This bill would prevent an employee or others on their behalf from filing a wage claim against a contractor for the three years of back wages.

For more information about either of these bills contact AGC Legislative Counsel Van Collins 360-352-5000.

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