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Ballots in the Mail; Check Out These Endorsements

Believe it or not ballots for the November elections will be appearing in voters’ mailboxes any day now. Be sure to vote and before you do consider these ballot positions by AGC and/or BUILD PAC:

Initiative 1125 – AGC Opposes

Among other things I-1125 would prohibit tolling to pay for ongoing maintenance of the tolled facility placing a greater burden on diminishing gas tax revenues for these uses. Click Initiative 1125 for more information.

King County/City of Seattle/Port of Seattle

AGC Seattle District’s Local Government Affairs Committee Chaired by Ross Pouley URS has recommended member support for the following candidates and ballot measures. For more information click the candidate’s name or issue link to be connected to their respective website.

Seattle City Council – Support:

• Position 1: Jean Godden

• Position 3: Bruce Harrell

• Position 5: Tom Rasmussen

• Position 7: Tim Burgess

• Position 9: Sally Clark

King County Council: Support

• District 6: Jane Hague

• District 8: Joe McDermott

Port of Seattle Commission:

• Position 2: Gael Tarleton

• Position 5: Bill Bryant

Seattle Transportation Benefit District Prop 1 – Oppose.

Members of the Seattle City Council acting in their capacity as the TBD Board voted unanimously in August to place a $60 increase in annual vehicle license fees on the November ballot. If approved funding would be allocated to transit improvements (49 percent) traffic safety and maintenance (29 percent) and bicycle pedestrian and freight mobility (22 percent).

Seattle 2011 Families and Education Levy – Support.

The $231 million proposal will fund programs that the Seattle Public Schools budget doesn’t cover to improve high school graduation rates and preparation for college and or a career path. Part of the proposal would include Vo-tech training.

Snohomish County/Edmonds

• County Executive: Aaron Reardon

• County Council District 2: Brian Sullivan

• County Council District 3: Stephanie Wright

Edmonds City Council

• Position 4: Bob Wilcox

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