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Support the Tunnel; Approve Referendum 1

Vote for the “tunnel referendum” by August 16. AGC recommends your vote to “Approve” Referendum 1. Let’s move forward on the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement project!

It’s been ten years since the Nisqually earthquake rattled and damaged the Viaduct. Had the quake lasted just ten seconds longer structural engineers say the Viaduct would’ve failed. The good news is construction of the Viaduct replacement has already begun on the south end and it’s under budget and ahead of schedule. You can help keep the project on track by voting ‘Approve’ on Referendum 1.

Among AGC’s concerns for abandoning the tunnel project are:

• The congestion caused by dumping 110000 vehicles per day onto I-5 and City Streets will make it more costly to do business in the Greater Seattle area.

• The same congestion will adversely affect the opportunities for growth as old businesses relocate rather than expand and new businesses avoid the area altogether.

• Costly delays will cause the WSDOT to rob money from other projects

Sufficient time has been devoted to the process. Over the last decade 700 community meetings have been held 15000 public comments have been registered every level of government has weighed-in and a year-long process that included stakeholders representing diverse regional interests developed a broad-based consensus about a positive path forward.

We sent a man to the moon and back in less time than it’s taken us to resolve the Viaduct. We fought World War I and World War II combined in less time.

We can get this done and we can make our voice heard in this election.

Vote to approve Referendum 1; visit the Let’s Move Forward website.

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