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Bob Wilcox Running to Add Business Voice to Edmonds City Council

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Very few locally elected officials have a business background. That concerns Bob Wilcox so much so that he decided to do something about it. On June 20 the recently retired head of AGC-member Wilcox Construction announced he is running for a seat on the Edmonds City Council.width=350

“Although I paid attention and fired off the occasional letter to the editor with my focus on family the business and volunteer projects I never had time to actively participate in politics” Bob says. “After I retired I got a lot of encouragement to run and I knew that I could lend some expertise to solving the city’s challenges.”

Bob is unabashedly a product of Edmonds and an avid civic booster. Bob has lived in the city his whole life and for 20 years he operated Wilcox Construction in a downtown storefront office. He’s been involved in community work in many ways including service for the Pacific Little League Edmonds Community College Foundation Edmonds-Woodway High School and the Holy Rosary School Board.

“I know the people of Edmonds” Bob says. “I want to work with them so we can continue to make Edmonds a place where we can do business while not losing sight of the reasons we have all chosen to call this city our home.”

One of Bob’s top priorities is to get the city’s finances in order. “The city is upside-down financially” he says. “There’s talk about a levy on the fall ballot but the city doesn’t even have a budget yet. That’s the sort of cart-before-the-horse thinking that I would like to change. How can you ask voters for money when you don’t have a budget that sets priorities and determines the shortfall?”

Bob also would like to improve the way the city manages its assets and fosters development. As a long-time tenant of it he appreciates the character of downtown Edmonds and wants to protect it from inappropriate development. “But property owners and businesspeople need a return on investment and a healthy business environment or we’ll end up with more empty spaces downtown. We need redevelopment that fits Edmonds. We need to set rules and codes so people can be successful.”

The Edmonds’ waterfront is another area that Bob would like to improve. “I look forward to playing a part in developing plans that enhance the city and wisely use the waterfront making it a better amenity for residents and a valuable tourist attraction.”

Bob was President and majority shareholder of Wilcox Construction for 25 years until his retirement last year. He grew the firm from a workforce of 10 to over 100 employees. Wilcox Construction works around the globe – for example building hundreds of Starbucks stores – and has built landmark facilities in Edmonds including the Harbor Square Athletic Club and The Bank of Washington. The company was recognized by the South Snohomish County Chamber of Commerce as one of the top businesses in South Snohomish County and as one of CEO Magazine’s “Top 100 places to work in Washington State.”

“In business my philosophy has always been goal-oriented and I consistently worked towards reaching the goals set by our firm so as to meet our client’s needs” Bob says. “If elected to Position 4 of the Edmonds City Council this strategy will not change; however the citizens of Edmonds will have taken the place of a client and I will always do everything in my power to represent the voice of the Edmonds community and make sure our needs are met.”

The primary election is August 16.

Photo caption: Bob Wilcox stands next to military service medals and other memorabilia belonging to Al Wilcox. Sadly Al passed away July 13. Al founded Wilcox Construction in 1963. To read more about the life of construction industry legend Al Wilcox click here.

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