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Money for Diesel Retrofits in State Budget

The Legislature’s recently approved budget includes $7000000 for diesel retrofit projects for the 2011-2013 fiscal period. Assuming the Governor signs the budget the Department of Ecology (DOE) is prepared to use some of this money for contractor applications to retrofit construction equipment with emissions controls originally submitted for Federal funding through the State. EPA has not yet made decision regarding the State’s request and DOE sees use of the State funds as a way to jump start the program.

AGC members that submitted requests are:

  • Active Construction Tacoma WA
  • Cadman Inc. Redmond WA
  • Hos Brothers Construction Woodinville WA
  • KLB Construction Mukilteo WA
  • SCI Infrastructure Pacific WA

DOE expects to provide an award to each of these applicants. Further they have funding to provide additional awards to construction fleets but interested parties need to submit applications quickly to potentially receive an award.

If interested contact AGC Seattle District Manager Jerry Dinndorf 206.812.4853 for more information.

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