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Over 25 Years of Dedication

At the last board meeting AGC of Washington acknowledged several longstanding employees. Heres some background on these dedicated AGC staff members…

Doug Peterson
Doug has worked for the AGC for 26 years. When he was hired in 1982 Larry Johnson was President. He says I have very much enjoyed my work as Director of Labor Relations. I enjoy the challenges and the people I work with Contractors and Union Officials.

Dani Tijan
Dani has worked for the AGC for 32 years. When she was hired in 1976 Don Glad was President. She said One of my favorite AGC memories was being hired by Eleanor Gruye former AGC Director of Accounting who recently passed away. I almost did not interview for the open position when I learned that a friend of mine was also planning on interviewing. I was very confident she would get the job. As it turned out my friend ended up not interviewing for the position after learning that I was going on the interview because she was certain that I would get the job! Not long after being hired I started working for Dick Bristow as well. My worst memory was when he left AGC. Now what a wonderful world it is to have been able to work with Dick again after so many years! Thanks to the AGC I have had the opportunity to build great friendships among our members and staff. This continues to be a wonderful place to work. I am a very lucky individual. I now look forward along with the rest of the staff to filling my future with more good AGC memories when our new boss David DHondt takes the helm.

Sue Larsen
Sue has worked for the AGC for 35 years. When she was hired in 1973 Dick McIntyre of Fitzpatrick McIntyre General Contractors was President. Her favorite memory is When Bob Brunke was the Southern District Prez and the officers decided to have the Board Meeting in the Tacoma area instead of Seattle Gene Colin Ferguson Construction had a helicopter fly in the Seattle group to Tacoma. Leave it to Geno to come in style then and now! Mentioning a couple of interesting tidbits she said that when she first started working at the AGC Alden Woodworth (one of the founding fathers of the Tacoma Chapter AGC and President in 1948) was very involved with the Chapter. Then Aldens son John A. Woodworth Sr. (Chapter President 1976) took the helm and moved the Chapter forward. And in the 1980s it was Bob Brunke (Southern District Vice President 1988) Woodworth & Co. Public Relations Extraordinaire that truly put Woodworth on the map with the AGC of Washington (Tacoma and Seattle AGC offices had merged in 1985). Later Aldens grandson and Johns son Jeff Woodworth became the Southern District Vice President in 1996 and we all became dudes. And she says It is to my understanding that the great great grandson of Alden grandson of John Sr. and the son of Jeff Woodworth Mr. Brock Woodworth is now working at Woodworth & Company. Hopefully I will have the pleasure of working with the 4.5 generations (Brunke needs to be included) of the Woodworth Family!

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