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Solutions to Bid/Feasibility Study-Fatigue Discussed at April 6 Southern District Dinner Meeting

Are you producing 20 or more bids for every one job awarded in the public market? Do you hate it when a private client asks you to produce numbers with very few details attached? Want to make sure your time and your staffs time is being spent in the most efficient manner possible? Are you taking advantage of all the latest advancements in construction software? Our construction software expert Steve Watt CEO of WinEstimator Inc. will provide you with a short tutorial on how the world of construction software is changing and how your business will need to change with it to stay competitive. Steve has promised the AGC that this will not be an info-merical but instead a practical guide to saving time and money between advertisement and bid-day on the public side and turning feasibility question marks into strong numbers on the private side. We will be at Fircrest Golf and Country Club with a 5 p.m. social hour and 6 p.m. dinner. Sign-up here.

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