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ACTION ALERT: Oppose SB 5599 and SHB 1701: Changes to the Independent Contractors Law

Labor unions are pushing the Legislature to make major changes to the law which will have a profound effect on how contractors manage their work on construction projects. Senate Bill 5599 and Substitute House Bill 1701 would require all contractors using more than two individuals working under independent contracts to treat them as covered workers if they are working “on the same task.” The key problem is that the definitions of “jobsite” and “task” are so broad that contractors would potentially commit violations even though the subcontractors were performing different functions at the project. The bills also make big changes in placing the burden of proof on contractors to demonstrate that no violation has been committed.

Please take a moment and send the AGC Alert message to your Legislators. You may simply send this message or add to it with your own thoughts. As both bills are on the Floor Calendars for consideration your quick response is essential. Thanks!

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