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ACTION ALERT: Oppose SHB 1676/SSB 5068: Stop Needless Mandatory Abatement

Labor unions and the Department of Labor & Industries are pushing the Legislature to make major changes to workplace safety law which will have a profound effect on how contractors are regulated by L&I in issuing and managing compliance with allegations of safety violations. Substitute Senate Bill 5068 and Substitute House Bill 1676 would require contractors to abate all serious willful and repeat citations even if the review or appeal process hasn’t been completed. The bills also significantly shift the burden of proof essentially treating contractors as “guilty until proven innocent” in these matters. You could be forced to make changes which aren’t practical before discussing other reasonable alternatives.

Please take a moment and send this AGC Alert message to your Legislators. You may simply send this message or add to it with your own thoughts. As both bills are on the Floor Calendars for consideration your quick response is essential. Thanks!

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