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$17B transportation package passes Legislature

$17B transportation package passes Legislature – The Washington State Legislature has passed, and the Governor is expected to sign, a $17-billion, 16-year transportation package. The package includes $2.6 billion for new projects, including $1 billion toward the state’s share of a new Columbia River Crossing bridge; $2.4 billion for culverts which fully funds the state’s court-ordered obligations, and $3 billion for preservation and maintenance. The measure also “finishes what we started” by making whole current projects hit by covid-related budget shortfalls.

AGC supported the passage of the package, while acknowledging that it is not perfect and is unlike any previous package. For example, it does not include a gas-tax increase, nor the bonding that usually entails, and it funds more transit and green transportation projects. Plus, part of the funding for the package is a $57 million per year “sweep” from the Public Works Trust Fund. On the other hand, the package is funded in part by a transfer from the state’s general fund, a move strongly supported by AGC given the significant increase in revenues coming into the general fund.

Another major funding stream – the Climate Commitment Act (or cap and trade), which was passed last year — provides $5.4 billion toward the transportation package. However, by law, that money can only be spent on transit and green transportation projects.

Below are links to summaries of the revenue streams and funding allocation, including project lists:

Revenue summary:  ctMoveAheadWARevenueSummary.pdf

Spending summary:  ctLEAPDocument2022-B-030922.pdf (

Highway and related projects:  ctLEAPDocument2022NL-1-030922.pdf (

Climate Commitment Act spending:  ctLEAPDocument2022-A-030922.pdf (

Link to all transportation package documents: LEAP | Senate Budgets (

For more information, contact AGC chief lobbyist Jerry VanderWood.

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