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Allan Osberg Honored by AGC Education Foundation


Allan Osberg with his wife Inger and daughter Kimberly Osberg Lippman (photo by Sarah Teague).

As the AGC Education Foundation continues to celebrate its thirtieth year a special dinner gala was held on October 28 to celebrate both those who were pioneers in establishing the foundation and those who have dedicated their time and resources to the organization. Many of the guests in attendance acted as the catalyst for the creation of the non-profit.

Bob Barrett current executive board member and former CEO of Sellen Construction awarded the Foundation’s 2010 Distinguished Service Award to long-time supporter and industry-renowned Allan Osberg. Over the years Osberg has played a pivotal role in contributing to the success and vision of the AGC Education Foundation. He has connected his friends and peers to the Foundation’s mission has promoted the construction industry through construction education on the state and national level and each year students are grateful for the personal impact the Osberg’s have made through the Mr. and Mrs. Allan F. Osberg Scholarship.

Osberg twice served as president of local chapters of Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Washington. As president of Osberg Construction Co. Osberg oversaw the reconstruction of portions of the North Cascade Highway straightening the Sammamish River and construction of the Yukon River Bridge. Among his honors are the 2007 AGC Lifetime Achievement Award and election to the UW Construction Hall of Fame in 1998. Osberg continues to serve on the AGC Education Founda¬tion Board and was President in 1994.

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