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AGC Gets a Paint Job…And the Building Houses the Best Doughnut Makers!

About two decades ago the big AGC letters were prepped for placement at the top of the AGC Building by Foley Sign Co.
The gold-leaf-covered letters looking weather- and moss-beaten (photo by Becky Siverson).
Peter Meehan gives the letters a much-needed paint job (photo by Becky Siverson).

Most AGC members know that their association owns the AGC Building on the shores of Lake Union. AGC’s Property Committee and staff continuously work to maintain and enhance this tremendous asset. How successful have they been? The AGC Building currently enjoys a 95 percent occupancy rate while Seattle’s overall office occupancy rate lags at 82 percent.

Perhaps the most visible recent improvement is the repainting of the iconic “AGC” letters at the top of the building. The giant letters – made of sugar pine by the way according to Mark Metcalf whose Foley Sign Co. created them – were originally covered in 22-karat gold leaf. Unfortunately decades of Seattle weather had taken its toll. That and with gold prices being what they are made painting them the prudent option.

Peter Meehan of Bayview Windows who washes the building’s windows undertook the delicate task of painting the letters without removing them. Now the letters can be clearly seen by travelers on I-5 tourists at the top of the Space Needle residents on Capitol Hill and office workers downtown.

The re-painted letters is one of several recent improvements to the building and the adjacent marina also owned by AGC. The lower level has new walkways and the upper level drive around (aka the Starbucks drive-through area) has been replaced. Right now four TI projects for new and long-time tenants are underway with more in the works. The marina – which also has a 95 percent occupancy rate – will soon have an improved entrance ramp and will undergo other dock enhancements.

On another note: The AGC Building has always been home to local “celebrity” businesses. For example it currently houses the headquarters of Top Pot Doughnuts which recently was named “Western Washington’s Best” and hosted a well-known customer President Obama at one of its outlets. Click here for the Evening Magazine segment featuring co-founder Mark Klebeck.

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