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Dino Rossi Warns of Fiscal Cliff at Southern District Dinner


Dino Rossi visits with “Fast” Eddie Zawislak of Coast Crane Co. at the AGC Southern District Membership Dinner.

“A common theme I hear from voters during this campaign is opportunities are decreasing as government increases.”

This statement is from Dino Rossi GOP candidate for US Senate who delivered it during remarks at AGC’s Southern District Membership Dinner on Sept. 8.

Rossi painted a stark picture of the current state of economic affairs saying the nation is on a “fiscal cliff”. Referring to the national debt Rossi said “It’s unconscionable what we’re doing here when my 16-year old asks me ‘How much money do I owe?’ You know 16-year olds should be asking ‘When’s my next baseball game.’”

Rossi said that Republicans have better ideas for solving problems. To help reduce the federal budget deficit Rossi suggested cancelling unspent bailout and stimulus funds and directing them toward deficit reduction; passing a Balanced Budget Amendment with a supermajority to raise taxes; and cutting government employment and reducing overly generous pay and benefits.

With regard to health care Rossi says the health care reform bill should be repealed and replaced with “common-sense bipartisan proposals that give power to patients and doctors and not government and insurance companies.”

He said that elements of an improved health care reform should be a measure that allows citizens to buy health insurance across state lines as they do for other types of insurance; allows small businesses to join together and get the discounts available to big corporations; and gives individuals the same tax deductions as corporations.

Rossi is running against incumbent Patty Murray for the U.S. Senate. Visit Rossi’s campaign website by clicking here. Visit Murray’s campaign website by clicking here.

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