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The Federal Crane Train is Coming; Are You on Board?

By Mandi Kime AGC Safety Director

Come to an informational meeting of the AGC Crane Task Force on August 25 at 10 a.m. in the Conference Center of the AGC Building in Seattle. We will spend about an hour on the Federal Rule and then some time on the WA Phase 2 rules.

We will review the main areas of concern/ contrast to our current rules the 90 day compliance deadline an update on the Phase 2 efforts in addition to an informative Q & A session.

Some key areas we will discuss:

  • The scope of the Federal rule has changed which will do away with some of our exemptions in WA. We want to make sure you are aware!
  • The requirements for OSHA for Riggers and Signal persons is not defined clearly as in WAC.
  • Washington may legislatively end up with Rigger Certification as a requirement and we NEED your input.
  • The implementation date for Rigger and Signal persons requirements is only 90 days vs. the 4 years for Operator certification that we have already been doing. How is this going to work for you??? We NEED to know.
  • The definition for Assembly and Disassembly supervisor and how that will impact you.
  • The inspection criteria and process is not a complete match to WA so we will discuss how that will impact you.

Please join us! With a 90 day implementation period it is beneficial to be in “the know” before the train is on your track!

To access a copy of the rule and press releases check out this link:

As the OSHA Rule is over 1000 pages please note we will not be providing copies. Please bring a copy if you want one.

If you need copies of any information on the WA rules please email Mandi Kime at: or 206-786-6517.

Also contact Mandi to get more details on the meeting conference calling details and to be included on our Crane Task Force email distribution list.

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