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Carpenters and Cement Masons Ratify Two-Year Agreement

The negotiations between AGC of Washington and the Carpenters and Cement Mason Unions have been successfully completed. The Carpenters extended the current wages and fringes with no increase for the final two years until May 31 2012.

The Cement Masons agreement will freeze the total wage fringe package for the final two years until May 31 2012. Additionally the union membership diverted $0.35 per hour from their wages to support their Health Plan.

The Operating Engineers Locals 302 and 612 previously ratified an agreement with a two-year freeze in wages and fringes. Negotiations with the Teamsters and Laborers are continuing.

AGC’s Carpenter negotiating committee was led by Wilf Wainhouse Sellen Construction and included Pat McGarry Manson Construction; Todd Vacura Ferguson Construction; Tony Sturgess PCL Construction; Loren Pease Pease Construction; Doug Orth Absher Construction; Mike Bell Mowat Construction; Ted Herb GLY Construction; and Bardie Scarbrough Granite Construction.

The Cement Mason negotiating committee was led by Philo Hall Lease Crutcher Lewis Construction and included Dave Ratzke and Garrett Condel Sellen Construction; and Tom Hope Hope Cement Finishing.

Contact Doug Peterson AGC’s Director of Labor Relations at 206-284-0061 if you have questions.

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