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Need Material Price Trends and Projections for Bid Substantiation?

AGC members are reminded of the valuable service provided by Ken Simonson AGC of America’s renowned economist. Among the data published regularly by Ken is information on trends and projections for construction material costs.

  • Click PPI trends for a look at price changes for many specific construction inputs over the last year and trends as far back as 2003. (Highlights: In the past year steel pipe and tubing is up 16% lumber and plywood is up 24%).
  • Click Data Digest to see Ken’s latest Data Digest newsletter on construction economics. Be sure to click the “subscribe” link in the right column to have this important info emailed to you directly.
  • Click Construction and Materials Outlook for a powerpoint of one of Ken’s recent presentations. In it he’s calling for 6-8% inflation for construction material in the near future.


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