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Not Yet an AGC Group Retro Member? Nine Reasons to Join

By Lauren Gubbe Director AGC Group Retro

Once again AGC is a top performer in Retro results posting a 32 percent group refund enabling individual member’s to be close to 50 percent returns for the 11th time in 15 years! By contrast four competing groups posted refunds below 7 percent (one is in a penalty).

We are proud of these results given the fact that Labor and Industries (L&I) has made and is making changes to Retro that reduce the overall refund in general. Though we have had higher group refunds in the past every year is different based on the claims experience and our staff here saved over $3.8 million these last two months due to a lot of hard work phone calls protests letters face-to-face meetings at L&I and mediations at the Board on some difficult cases. Given the changes made to Retro and a couple more changes to come it is more important than ever to be in a group with consistent performance stringent underwriting top notch hands-on claims and safety help…and alongside of companies who share a deep commitment to safety and claims management. AGC Group Retro has a proven track record of posting high refunds year after year while 80 percent of our members pay less than average premium rates into the system to begin with!

Not a member of AGC Retro but would like to learn more? Please take a moment to fill out this form (click here) and fax it back toll free to 1-888-737-3876. This will allow us to obtain your L&I data in order to complete a no obligation analysis regarding what your refund would have been in AGC’s plan. Once we complete the analysis we will contact you to discuss the results and what we can do to help you decrease your future L&I rates and maximize your Retro refund.

Nine reasons to consider AGC’s Retro plan:

  • Consistent premium refunds averaging close to 60 percent in the last 13 years! In fact in five of those years companies took home refunds between 67-75 percent including last year when 52 firms took home refunds of at least 70 percent!
  • Lowest penalty risk plan at only 10 percent of your premiums while competing plans risk up to 40 percent.
  • Lowest cost plan at approximately three percent of refund compared to others who take 10-20 percent of your refund AND charge quarterly fees; so net take home refund with AGC can be higher even if a competing plan posts a higher group return.
  • Performance based refund gives a larger share of the group return to good performers another reason the refund with AGC can be higher comparatively when a competing plan may post a higher group return.
  • One-of-a-kind return to work centers help you accommodate injured workers with light duty while they receive instruction on the current safety codes OSHA 10 training CPR and Flagger certification and more! We also provide free GED testing and four vocational retraining plans saving time and money. Some curriculum is also available for use at the jobsite and in other states.
  • Safety audits of written programs and jobsites help you meet or exceed L&I safety standards and qualify for AGC’s Safety Team®. Safety Team®-certified firms may also receive focused L&I inspections.
  • Meetings and training held locally on a variety of topics.
  • Hands on claims help! We write the letters and protests so you don’t have to! We also represent you with the Department on claims and at the Board through mediation services.
  • Free help with any outstanding claims impacting your future rates/refunds.

AGC Retro underwriting requirements for participation:

  • Must be an AGC member in good standing. There are dues discounts for NEW AGC general contractors and subcontractors enrolling in Retro that can be less than the standard volume dues schedule at $1500 first year $1600 second year and $1700 third year.
  • Minimum $25000 annual L&I workers compensation premium.
  • In business for three years with a premium and loss history to analyze for underwriting purposes.
  • Qualification for the AGC Safety Team® within a year of qualifying for and enrolling in Retro.
  • Commitment to accommodate injured workers with light duty and a minimum of 30 days at full salary in lieu of L&I timeloss. Exceptions to this requirement can occur on a case-by-case evaluation of costs/benefits.
  • A commitment to work with AGC staff to manage claims prevent injuries reduce your future rates and maximize your Retro refund!

Call AGC’s Group Retro office at 360-352-1632 or toll free 1-888-227-3876 for more information.

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