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Members Receiving Unsolicited Fax Invoices May File FCC Complaints

AGC members have again reported receiving unwanted solicitation faxes from the “National Association of General Contractors and Subcontractors Inc.” (NAGC). This time with a newly designed fax solicitation under the guise of an “Annual Dues Application” NAGC faxes have been reported by members across the country.

Please note that neither AGC of America nor AGC of Washington is the source of this solicitation. AGC has no affiliation of any kind with this largely unknown but persistent organization.

If you feel that you have received an unwanted and unsolicited fax to your home or business you can file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). To file an FCC complaint specific to this unwanted and unsolicited fax to your home or business go to and follow the instructions for a junk fax complaint.

In the past AGC of America has written to this organization insisting that it cease and desist from any further use of its confusing language. In the wake of the most recent events AGC of America is once again considering its legal options.

Again please understand that the NAGC fax is NOT an AGC of America invoice and you should be careful in responding to the fax and providing money to this inquiry. For an example of these confusing faxes simply click here. For more information contact AGC of America’s Elisa Brewer Pratt (703) 837-5343.


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