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Billion Dollars-Plus in Federal Agency Work Headed to Northwest

At the annual Federal Agency Three-Year Construction Outlook Briefing for AGC members Federal Agencies identified project work conservatively estimated in excess of $1.3 billion over the next two years. (Click here for project lists and handouts.)

Highlights include over $ 240 million dollars of construction at Naval Bases Bangor and Bremerton $550 million in Corps of Engineers Projects for Fort Lewis and Yakima another $150 million in Corps performed Air Force projects numerous Corp of Engineers civil works projects and work for the Veteran’s Administration $300 million in GSA building projects and $91million for the National Parks Service’s Program to remove the Elwha River Dam on the Olympic Peninsula.

The General Services Administration is moving quickly on their FY 10 Program and expects to have made all their project awards by the end of March 2010.

While the Federal Outlook for FY 10 – 11 is good news for members in this down economy even more exciting is the prospect for future work at Bangor. For FY 11-15 the Navy will be awarding over $1.3 billion in security projects. This includes a 1300’ long explosives handling pier and support facilities.

Beyond project updates members received an in depth presentation by Marco Giamberardino Senior Director Government Affairs Federal and Heavy Construction Division on The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. His presentation included the spending allocations for Building Water and Transportation construction; the Act’s focus on green building and use of alternative energy; the possible Federal role in school construction and stimulus act reporting requirements. He then discussed a number of Federal Contracting issues including the future use of Project Labor Agreements by Federal Agencies.

(Members can download the Federal Agency Project lists their briefings and Marco Giamberardino’s presentation by clicking here.)


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