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Green Buildings Myths, Realities, Risks and Liabilities – Two Presentations

Contractors are becoming enmeshed in green building projects either voluntarily or involuntarily. It is time to take a hard look at some of the basic issues and concerns especially as it has an impact on the risks the contractor must manage. The risks from rushed or misguided legislation overly optimistic design professionals and “green consultants” create significant risk for contractors and all the members of the project team. This presentation provides a closer and more objective examination of the risks along with recommendations about how to engage in a more productive but difficult discussion about green buildings. AGC has scheduled two presentations: Sept 24 at 5:30 for the AGC Future Leadership Forum (early- and mid-career professionals from AGC member firms are invited. Click here for registration. Sept 25 at 8 a.m. presented by the AGC Education Foundation for all members. Click here for details.

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