NOVEMBER 7, 2017


On October 24, AGC joined forces with Puget Sound CFMA and Lakeside Industries, as well as several industry and community partners, to provide a four-hour training event on suicide prevention in construction. The AEC (architectural, engineering and construction)-industry suicide rate is six times the national average. These industry partners are coming together to create a stronger culture of care in our industry and provide more resources targeted directly to our industry members. The event was attended by over 150 people and featured topical speakers, research and intervention training. We also had several exhibitors there to distribute resource materials that we all can share with our workforce. If you're interested in materials you can use to connect with your workforce, please reach out to the AGC Safety Department. We can provide toolbox talks, pocket cars, hard hat stickers and links to free mental-health resources.


We want to remind our members that the OSHA silica rule is not yet enforceable in Washington unless you are working within OSHA's jurisdiction (federal installations or navigable waterways). Based on the most recent update from DOSH (Labor and Industries), the rules for Washington will not be enforceable until next fall. Until then, we are encouraging members to focus on preparations for the rule by developing a plan, providing training and making process or tool modifications as necessary. More resources and detailed info can be found in our September 26 Safety News & Notes "Silica" article, below.


SEPTEMBER 26, 2017

SILICA: With a federal deadline looming, here's what Washington contractors should know

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about new silica rules and here is what you need to know as a contractor in Washington. Presently, OSHA's silica rule (published in the Federal Register since March of 2016) is in litigation right now from a lawsuit filed by a business coalition. We have seen a few postponements of enforcement on this rule over that time period. The court case is set to be heard on September 26th, 2017. Active enforcement on this rule, however, begins on September 23rd, 2017.

In a letter released this week, OSHA states there will be a thirty-day grace period in which enforcement activities will still take place but citations will not be written if the employer is showing “good faith efforts” to comply. But these rules only apply to OSHA jurisdiction. In Washington, we have just begun the rulemaking process.

Here are some key factors you need to be aware of:

• Washington rule makers intend to adopt OSHA-identical language. A preliminary draft is available here.

• Our rule will be adopted in December and have an effective date of January or February.

• Public hearings on our draft rule will take place in November. Stay tuned for updates as soon as we know dates, we will share.

• Some portions of the Washington rule will have a staggered enforcement, meaning that some elements of the rules here will not be enforced until as late as next fall.

• You should be looking at your policy and training on silica to be sure that you are ready. Here are some helpful resources:

- If you do not have a written plan, this online tool will help you build your plan and also has some training materials.

- If you want to better understand the main method of compliance with the rules, following Table 1, you can view the Laborer’s Health & Safety Fund page that has a great visual representation of the table requirements.

As always, once our state has a final draft of the rule language to work with, we will offer training resources, toolbox talks, and policy help. In the meantime, remember that work within OSHA's jurisdiction (federal installations, over navigable waterways, etc.) should already be compliant with the federal rule.

We're here to help, so let us know if we can be of service! Contact Mandi with questions on silica or other rules.



JULY 12, 2017

Videos reveal unwelcome visitors to local jobsites, cranes

ATTENTION, MEMBERS: An internet video recently gaining popularity depicts a group of young people accessing local construction sites after hours and even during the day. These individuals are climbing cranes and buildings under construction to video-record themselves hanging precariously at heights to post on-line. Because of the risky nature of these climbs, the person(s) responsible are getting a lot of on-line attention, which simply encourages them to do more. This is very concerning from a public and contractor-safety perspective.

This is a reminder to all industry members to do a thorough job of securing job sites after hours and keeping an eye on them during the day. Please be sure to keep your cranes secure with anti-climb enclosures and your jobsite locked up, with site fencing and security measures in place. Should you have any concerns, or experience a break-in, let us know. We want to help ensure that we are looking out for one another and helping law enforcement get a handle on this as well. Have a safe day!


JANUARY 17, 2017

Monthly Rules and Initiatives update
Click here
to get the year's first update on fall protection, OSHA recordkeeping, silica, lead and more.

JANUARY 5, 2017

2017 Safety Forum Schedule now available
AGC of Washington's entire 2017 Safety Forum schedule, covering each of our four districts, has now been posted to the AGC master Events webpage for your viewing. Remember, you can take a look anytime at this page to get info on what's coming up next, or on a particular event of  interest. We look forward to seeing you at our Safety Forum events throughout the year.

NOVEMBER 15, 2016

Headway on record-keeping rules
AGC of America is making headway in opposition to new OSHA record-keeping rules that imply that post-accident drug screens are discriminatory. OSHA has softened their position and AGC of America advises that if you are currently testing via a DOT, comprehensive drug-free business program or union agreement, continue as you currently are. We had Tom Pool from Drug-Free Business at our recent Safety Forum and he covered the “examples” and guidance provided from OSHA so far. Also, here are some startling statistics from the Drug-Free Business website in response to the legalization of marijuana in Washington:
•  Habitual marijuana users can still be impaired up to three weeks after cessation.
•  People who test positive for marijuana are:
     -  55% more likely to have industrial accidents
     -  85% more likely to get injured on the job
     -  75% more likely to exhibit absenteeism
•  In Colorado, vehicle crashes increased 100% in the one-year time period following legalization of marijuana.

If you need help with your drug-testing or drug-free business policy, please reach out to AGC. Our teams in Safety and Labor Relations can help!

New info from L&I on most hazardous jobs
Are you familiar with the top 25 hazardous industries in Washington? Were you aware that construction activities are on the top 25 list four times? Here is a great reference guide from the Department of Labor and Industries regarding our most hazardous jobs in Washington.

NOVEMBER 1, 2016

Monthly Rules and Inititatives update
Click here to get November's latest information on fall protection, OSHA recordkeeping, silica, lead, confined spaces and more.

November Safety Forums around the state
The topic for the November Safety Forum in Seattle is drug testing, with an update from Tom Pool at Drug-Free Business. We will also be discussing the updates on OSHA’s position on post-accident drug testing as retaliation or discrimination against injured workers. Their position has softened and we expect guidance to be published on this issue. Enforcement has been delayed to December 1.

November 2 - We will be visiting Wenatchee and Yakima members for their forums.

November 7 - Southern District Safety Forum at our Fife office.

November 16 - Northern District Safety Forum at our Bellingham office.

New OSHA guidelines on safety programs
Please note: if you are in Safety Team®, you already exceed OSHA’s recommendations!...

OSHA's top-ten safety citations for 2016
1. Fall protection
2. Hazard communication
3. Scaffolds
4. Respiratory protection
5. Lockout/tagout
6. Powered industrial trucks
7. Ladders
8. Machine guarding
9. Electrical - wiring
10. Electrical - general requirements

In construction, we tend to talk about the Focus 4 Hazards, which represent 7 of the top ten violations (as highlighted in red above). AGC offers training materials and information that can help you address the Focus 4 hazards as well as all items in this top-ten listing. We would love to help you!

For the full article and more detail, click here to check out OSHA’s Blog.


OCTOBER 18, 2016

CWU honors Kime
Mandi Kime, AGC's Director of Safety Services, has been named a member of Central Washington University's Distinguished Alumni by the school's Alumni Association. The Distinguished Alumni Awards recognize CWU graduates who have made a name in their fields, earned respect among colleagues and in the general community, and who have had an impact on a regional, national and/or international level. Congrats, Mandi -- and well-deserved!  Click here to see the complete announcement.

Monthly Rules and Inititatives update
Click here to get the latest information on fall protection, OSHA recordkeeping, silica, lead, confined spaces and more.

Tell us about your Safety accomplishments
We're compiling a list of our members' accomplishments for our OSHA Alliance. We would love to hear about your company’s safety accomplishments, whether it be record periods of time without an accident, meeting safety goals, special safety events and training, or partnering in Safety Week or the National Fall Protection Stand Down that happened this past May. Please send that information to Mandi for inclusion in our report to OSHA and to be featured on the OSHA website related to OSHA Alliances making an impact on our communities.

AGC of America Safety Excellence Awards
The call for entries has now been published for AGC of America's annual Construction Safety Excellence awards. For more info and to apply, click here. And remember, our Safety staff is always happy to review your application prior to submittal!


SEPTEMBER 19, 2016

Last call for Governor's Industrial Safety & Health Conference
Please join us!  AGC’s Mandi Kime will be presenting a session on Safety Leadership as well as a Family Feud: Safety Edition gameshow session that you won’t want to miss! For registration and accommodation information, please visit

New construction-fatality infographic
The State's new infographic, created by the research arm of the Department of Labor and Industries (SHARP/ FACE), shows some very important statistics about construction fatalities in our state. It can be used a as toolbox talk or as a jobsite posting. Click here to take a look!

OSHA Recordkeeping Rule update
As many of you may know, newly released rules from Federal OSHA regarding recordkeeping and reporting have called out post-accident drug testing as a potential form of discrimination for discouraging workers from reporting injuries for fear of drug testing. AGC of America has met with Federal OSHA and has advised all AGC members that currently have a drug-free workplace policy, a union negotiated program, or equivalent through a consortium to continue administering your program as you have! Federal OSHA representatives said that fair and consistently applied testing programs will not be a target of this preamble language. Rather, the rule is tyargeted at employers who use threats of drug testing or other consequences for accident reporting. Of course, there is still more work to be done on this to ensure that the principles of a drug-free workplace are protected, and AGC of America is working with their national safety committee and legal counsel to do so. Should you have any questions, please reach out to Mandi Kime.



Rules & Initiatives Update
Click here to see the latest Safety Rules & Initiatives Update, this month featuring updates on fall protection, OSHA Recordkeeping and reporting, silica, lead, trolley lines and more.

Governor's Safety Conference
The 2016 Governor’s Safety Conference is coming up in just three weeks in Spokane, and we hope hope to see you there!  For more details and to register, click here.


AUGUST 23, 2016

Safety-Forum Webcasts
Please consider joining our monthly Safety Forums via the web. Our Seattle Safety forums are always at 10 a.m. on the first Thursday of the month -- and you can now participate from the comfort of your office via your computer, tablet or smart phone. Our next Seattle Forum is September 1st. Click here to join-in on the webcast.

Confined-Space Update
We have a Confined Space Comparison document for DOSH to show us the impending changes to the State's confined-spaces rules. Rest assured that, if you are currently compliant with existing confined spaces rules, you will be deemed to be in compliance by DOSH. For a copy of the document (over 100 pages), please contact Mandi Kime.

2016 Governor's Industrial Safety and Health Conference
Early-bird registration rates for the 2016 Governor’s Industrial Safety and health Conference are only available for a limited time. To register, click here.

Major Rules & Initiatives Update
The next edition of Safety News and Notes will feature a significant rules and initiatives update from Mandi Kime. There are several rule-making efforts and safety initiatives underway that you need to be aware of! These topics will also be covered at the September Safety Forum.


JULY 12 2016

L&I, OSHA stakeholder meeting on fall protection

On Monday, July 11, the Department of Labor and Industries hosted a stakeholder meeting with Federal OSHA and stakeholders within Washington to discuss OSHA’s concerns over the efficacy of Washington State's fall-protection rules.

Of particular interest to OSHA are the following areas:
• The difference in action limit for protection 10 feet in Washington and six feet federally.
• The definition and enforcement of provisions for Walking Working surfaces in Washington
• Lack of warning lines prescribed during use of the Safety Watch system
• Strength requirements for catch platforms.
• Tensile strength of warning lines
• Ambiguity in hazard statements in relation to wall openings and skylights as fall hazards

To get more involved in this effort contact Mandi Kime, or sign up for the rulemaking listserve here.

Appeals stakeholder group being formed
After reports from multiple industry stakeholders regarding frustrations experienced in the reassumptions process (first informal level of citation appeal) with the Department of Labor and Industries, a group of multiple stakeholders from business and labor has begun meeting to share this important input back to the Department and improve the process.

Don't miss your Safe-Summer barbecue
August's Seattle District Safety Forum has been canceled. We will resume our normal monthly schedule in September. In the meantime, please consider joining us for our Safe-Summer Barbecues in our Nothern, Central and Southern districts:
     • Bellingham - August 17th
     • Yakima - August 24th
     • Fife - July 25th

Please visit our Events page for more info on these barbecues and how to register.

Workzone safety
Here's a good article
from AGC of America about the challenges of protecting workers in work zones.


JUNE 6, 2016

AGC welcomes new safety specialist

We're very happy to announce that Tessa Halterman (photo, R) has joined the AGC Safety Services department as our newest safety specialist. Tessa comes to us from Edmonds Community College with a background in manufacturing, and will help to facilitate jobsite inspections and safety-related member services.

Great to have you with us, Tessa!


Monthly Rules and Inititatives update
Click here to get the latest on silica, lead, trolley lines, confined spaces and more.

100 Days of Summer campaign underway
With the annual increase in construction activity during the summer months (Memorial Day to Labor Day), coupled with warmer weather, more extracurricular activities and longer days, our industry sees more incidents. AGC's 100 Days of Summer campaign is focused on getting workers and jobsites set-up for summer success. Check out the free resources for your own 100 Days of Summer campaign on this page.


MAY 24, 2016

OSHA promulgates new recordkeeping rule with online reporting of recordable data
Effective January 1, 2017, OSHA has released a new rule requiring electronic reporting of your recordkeeping data. High-hazard industries, including construction, are going to be required to begin the online reporting beginning in July of 2017 (depending on the size of the employer). Another very notable part of this new reporting element is that OSHA intends to make this data publicly available. This rulemaking will impact federally required postings, as employers will be required to inform employees of their right to report work-related injuries, and policies must not deter workers from reporting.
Link to the OSHA rule page here. Stay tuned for more resources and guidance from the AGC Safety Department.

100 Days of Summer about to kick off
With the annual increase in construction activity during the summer months (Memorial Day to Labor Day), coupled with warmer weather, more extracurricular activities and longer days, our industry sees more incidents. AGC's 100 Days of Summer campaign is focused on getting workers and jobsites set-up for summer success. Check out the free resources for your own 100 Days of Summer campaign on this page.

811 Awareness event
811, in conjunction with King and Snohomish County Utilities Coordinating Councils, is hosting a free 811 Awareness event at Nile Shrine Golf & Country Club’s main ballroom (6601 244th Street SW, Mountlake Terrace WA 98043-2750) on June 3, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. This event features lunch, demos and doorprizes. To register, or for more information, contact Don Evans at

Construction-Advisory Committee meeting
AGC will be hosting the Construction Advisory Committee meeting (a collaboration of business, labor and government, tackling construction industry safety issues) on June 13th at AGC's Fife office (3601 20th Street East, Fife WA  98424). All are welcome. We're looking to form a few more work groups and we need your input. For information, contact Mandi Kime at


MAY 10, 2016

Let's hear it! The 2016 AGC Safety Services Survey
We've launched the 2016 Safety Services Survey, and we want to hear from you. Help us continue to make our industry more safe and more proactive. Click this link to share your feedback with us.

Monthly Rules and Inititatives update
Click here to get the latest on silica, lead, trolley lines, confined spaces and more.

2016 Safety Team(R) golf tourney: SOLD OUT!
We are deeply grateful for all the support from our sponsors and raffle donations, and are again looking forward to seeing you at High Cedars golf course in Orting on June 24th.


APRIL 26, 2016

2016 Construction Safety Day
Construction Safety Day is happening next week, May 4, at the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup, and we hope to see you there! Click here to register.

CWU/ASSE Professional Development Conference
The Central Washington University/Puget Sound ASSE Professional Development Conference and alumni night is coming up on May 13th at CWU. Get the schedule and registration details here.

Let's hear it! The 2016 AGC Safety Services Survey
We've launched the 2016 Safety Services Survey, and we want to hear from you. Help us continue to make our industry more safe and more proactive. Click this link to share your feedback with us.

APRIL 11, 2016

Safety and Health rules update
Click here for new info on silica, lead, trolley lines, confined spaces and more...

New national emphasis program on amputation
Be aware that, on all DOSH inspections, inspectors will look for equipment that is commonly involved in amputations. Their focus will be on proper lock-out and tag-out protocols for all equipment that could lead to amputation accidents... See the DOSH directive 2.70 here.

National Fall-Protection Stand-Down
AGC wants to partner with you to bring awareness of fall hazards during the National Fall Protection Stand Down, coming up from May 2 to 6. We are available to come speak at your events, share materials, or publicize your efforts to prevent falls.  Please let us know what you have planned so that you are included in OSHA’s special recognition of participating employers and groups! Click here for more info.

MARCH 29, 2016

OSHA releases controversial silica rule
Click here to see the ruling. AGC wishes more emphasis would have been placed on enforcement of existing standards first. As we develop resources to help our members comply, we will share them via this page, the AGC Works newsletter, safety bulletin, and at our safety forums.

OSHA moves on Penalty Increases
Read this article for a chart on what those increases could look like. Washington had just finished the penalty calculations rulemaking and implementation when this news broke. From the effective date of the increases for OSHA, Washington will have six months to evaluate our penalty structure and make needed adjustments. We'll keep you posted as this process develops!

Construction Safety Day, 2016
Join us for Construction Safety Day 2016 - coming up on May 4th at the Washington State Fairgrounds Showplex in Puyallup. Click here for more information and to register...

April Safety Forum
Our April Safety Forum will discuss working around energized duct banks as well as an important court case that is shifting responsibility for involved contractors. This forum will be webcast, so if you are unable to attend in-person, please email Mandi Kime for dial-in details...

MARCH 1, 2016

Safety & Health Rules Update
Click here to see our latest AGC Safety & Health Rules Update.

Build Washington Safety Excellence Awards
Please consider applying for one of our prestigious AGC of Washington Build Washington Safety Excellence awards. AGC staff are not judges, so reach out to Mandi or Liz for guidance on your application or a quick table review prior to submitting your application! Click here for application, award and event info.

Safety survey: your input needed!
PCL Construction Services is compiling information for the upcoming ASSE Professional Development Conference, and we need your input to help make this survey as accurate as possible. Final results will be shared with us and we will then pass-on their findings at an upcoming Safety Forum and, of course, here in Safety News & Notes as well. Please take a few moments to complete the shiort surevy -- thank you!

Safety Forums: remote log-in now available
AGC's Seattle office now has A/V capabilities that enable you to see and hear our Safety Forums, using GoToMeeting, right from your desktop computer via an internet connection. Be on the lookout for information accompanying any Safety Forum event on how to get your log-in credentials for the event. We'll "see" you there!

FEBRUARY 9, 2016

Suicide Prevention in the Construction Industry   Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas
AGC of Washington's Feb. 9 session on the difficult but vitally important topic of suicide prevention in the construction industry, presented by Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas, was very well received. Click here to view/download Dr. Spencer-Thomas' presentation.

FEBRUARY 3, 2016

Safety survey: your input needed!

PCL Construction Services is compiling information for the upcoming ASSE Professional Development Conference, and we need your input to help make this survey as accurate as possible. Final results will be shared with us and we will then pass-on their findings at an upcoming Safety Forum and, of course, here in Safety News & Notes as well. Please take a few moments to complete the shiort surevy -- thank you!

JANUARY 5, 2016

Suicide-prevention program
AGC of Washington is pleased to host this FREE Safety Forum event addressing the difficult but vitally important topic of suicide prevention. We are delighted to partner with Lakeside Industries to bring esteemed speaker Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas to our Seattle location. Light refreshments will be served and we encourage you to bring a guest. Dr. Spencer-Thomas is a dynamic speaker with a powerful message that will raise awareness on the issue of suicide within our industry and communities -- and on making it a safety and health priority. Don't miss this important event. Click here to register today. This event will also be webcast. Please contact Penny Schmitt to register for webcast access.

National honors for CWU
Congratulations to Central Washington University's Safety & Health Management Program for being recognized as one of the top five programs in the US! Learn more here.

Safety survey for industry women
We invite all women in the trades to participate in this new safety survey. If you have women working in the trades at your company, please consider inviting them to participate in the New SHEWT survey. There is compensation for the first 400 participants. Find the survey here.


NOVEMBER 16, 2015

Best-Practices Handbook now available 
, in partnership with Central Washington University's Safety & Health Department, has released the Construction Project Safety-Management Best-Practices Handbook. Co-authored by AGC safety Director Mandi Kime, the handbook is free for all Washington employers. The project was funded by a grant from the Washington Department of Labor and Industries' Safety and Health Investment Program (SHIP).

Find more on the handbook's development here, and request your electronic copy of the handbook by emailing Penny Schmitt at AGC here.

Construction Advisory Committee
We would like to encourage participation in the Construction Advisory Committee. There is an informational meeting on Dec. 15th at 9:00 am at AGC/Seattle, and EVERYONE is welcome, with no RSVP necessary. This committee exists between business, labor and government to address construction-safety issues. We will have an information sharing meeting via conference call on Monday Dec. 7th at 10:00 am.

Safety Salary Survey
This safety-professional survey
will give us a more accurate accounting of the “going rate” for various safety positions in the Puget Sound area. We are asked this question quite a lot and we want to be able to give accurate data. This survey is anonymous, so feel free to return it to Mandi’s attention in whatever form is most convenient and comfortable for you. Email her at, fax her at 206.285.4546 or snail-mail it to 1200 Westlake Ave N, Suite 301, Seattle WA 98109. Thank you!


NOVEMBER 3, 2015

Job Safety & Health poster coming from L&I

All employers in Washington will receive a new required Job Safety and Health poster this month from the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I). The mailing was prompted by a major change in what employers must report to L&I. Under the new requirement, employers must now report to L&I within 24 hours if a worker suffers an amputation or loss of an eye and is not admitted to the hospital. This is in addition to the existing requirement to report within eight hours any workplace fatality or inpatient hospitalization.
L&I changed the requirement so Washington would be in compliance with the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Employers should discard their old Job Safety and Health poster and replace it with the new one dated 09-2015. L&I requires employers to post three workplace posters. The other two were not changed, so employers don’t need to replace them if they have the current version.
The other two posters and valid dates are:

  • Notice to Employees − If a Job Injury Occurs (valid date 12/2012) for employers who receive industrial insurance coverage through L&I; or Notice to Employees – Self-Insurance (valid date 12/2012) for self-insured businesses.
  • Your Rights as a Worker in Washington State (valid dates 06/2013 or 12/2012).

 All of the posters are available in both English and Spanish.
L&I posters are always free and can be downloaded and printed at This link also contains information about other government posters and answers to questions about the required posters.


OCTOBER 20, 2015

2016 Construction Safety Day planning: input needed
Our 2016 Construction Safety Day planning group is meeting at 9 am on Oct. 26th at AGC Fife. We are seeking more participants in this panel to help us design the best program possible. Please join us!..


And the survey says...
Data from our recent safety-professionals' salary survey is being processed and we hope to have results for you at the November Safety Forum in Seattle and also at the Bellingham, Yakima, Wenatchee and Fife District forums that month...


Take the SHEWT safety survey

Help bring positive change to your workplace. Be a part of an important survey on construction-industry hazards for women in the construction industry. By identifying the main work-related health and safety risks, we can design programs to make construction a safer and healthier place for women workers. Both women and men currently working in any construction trade are eligible to participate, and the survey can be completed on-line or over the phone with an interviewer in thirty minutes. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. The first 400 people to complete the survey will receive a $20 gift card.

Get more Info, or take the survey here or by calling 206.543.2384

OCTOBER 5, 2015

There's an app for that!

AGC’s grant partnership with Integrity Safety Services is now complete. Check out our new musculoskeletal injury-prevention app, with modules for Construction, Transportation and Health Care, downloadable here.

2015 Governor's Safety Conference
Registration is now open for the 2015 Governor’s Safety Conference, coming up in Tacoma on October 7 and 8. Click here to view the schedule of events and to get registered!

We're always here for you
We want to remind all our members that our Safety Department is always here for you! Feel free to call us if you have a regulatory inspection, a serious accident, a safety question, or issue that we can help with. If you have a serious accident, we are here for you any time. Call Mandi Kime directly at 206.786.6517 or Randy Guzman at 2o6.786.6516. We can guide you through the investigation process, securing the scene or any crisis-management issues you may encounter, and help you manage the issue from start to finish. Should you get a visit from WA-L&I or OSHA, call us right away -- we have resources to help you through the inspection process as well as any citation appeals that might be warranted.

Salary survey: We need your input!
Our annual salary survey is now active HERE, and you're invited to participate by taking just a few moments to provide some basic safety-salary info.  This survey is anonymous and will help us better capture all levels of safety staffing needs in one location. Thank you for your assistance!


That's it for now... KEEP IT SAFE OUT THERE.