Seattle District Office

(and Chapter headquarters)
1200 Westlake Avenue North, Suite 301
Seattle WA  98109
Tel. 206.284.0061      Fax: 206.285.454
District Manager: Sonja Forster -

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Northern District Office

119 North Commercial, Suite 110
Bellingham WA   98225
Tel. 360.223.8757
District Manager: Liz Evans -

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Southern District Office

3601 20th Street East, Fife WA   98424
Tel. 253.896.0033     Fax: 253.896.0036|
District Manager: Tim Attebery -

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Central District Office

6 South Second Street (The Larson Building), Suite 910, Yakima WA   98901
Tel: 509.454.5064     Fax: 509.452.6503
District Manager: David Kearby -

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Legislative Office

410 Eleventh Avenue, Suite 203,
Olympia WA  98501
Tel: 360.352.5000
Chief Lobbyist: Jerry VanderWood -
Government Relations Associate: Michele Willms -


Workers' Compensation Group-Retro Office
P.O. Box 12629, Olympia WA  98508
Tel: 360.352.1632      Fax: 360.352.2940
Retro Program Director: Lauren Gubbe -

AGC Education Foundation Office
1200 Westlake Avenue North, Suite 301, Seattle WA  98109
Tel: 206.284.4500       Fax: 206.284.4595
Executive Director: Diane Kocer -








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