AGC's Safety Team® is a workplace safety program that includes regular job site audits and safety program consultation. Voluntary membership is open to AGC of Washington member companies. Benefits include focused inspections by L&I, industry recognition and networking opportunities.
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What is AGC Safety Team®?
Why become an AGC Safety Team member?
How can my company become an AGC Safety Team member?
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What is AGC Safety Team?
AGC's Safety Team is a workplace-safety program created in 1990 by the AGC Safety Committee and Safety Services department. Our program goal is to promote safe work environments which meet and exceed industry standards through regular jobsite audits and program consultation for AGC Safety Team member companies.
Safety Audits    AGC's Safety Services staff performs annual paperwork and jobsite audits for Safety Team members to ensure that safety programs comply with industry standards. Audits are required to qualify for Safety Team status and are recognized by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries and OSHA. Safety Team membership is an underwriting criteria for the AGC Workers Compensation Group Retro Program which consistently ranks as a top performer in refunds and services.
Consultation and Resources    AGC's Safety Services staff is available to assist all AGC member companies in developing a program that meets Safety Team standards through consultation services and health and safety training resources.
Why become an AGC Safety Team member?
AGC Safety Team benefits to member companies include:
Focused Inspections   AGC's Safety Team has been recognized by Labor and Industries with a directive that allows compliance inspectors to engage in a focused inspection for Safety Team members' jobsites. [(WRD)2.25 Focused Inspections in Construction]. A focused inspection reduces the amount of time that an inspector spends on your jobsite and minimizes unnecessary disruption, especially in the review of records and written programs.
Industry Recognition   AGC Safety Team membership demonstrates -- to the construction industry, regulatory agencies and the broader community -- a company’s commitment to safe work environments and the health of employees. Safety Team jobsite banners, vehicle decals and hardhat stickers are available for member companies to display this commitment to safety.
Networking   AGC Safety Team professionals meet regularly to share knowledge and resources. Our annual Safety Team golf tournament also gives members the opportunity to network with industry peers who share this same level of commitment to workplace safety.
How can my company become a member of AGC's Safety Team?
Membership in this program is voluntary and open to AGC of Washington member companies. To qualify for AGC Safety Team membership, your company must submit an application and pass our annual safety audits.
Application   The application form is available from AGC's Safety Services Department. An administrative fee of $135 is assessed annually for Subcontractor and Associate AGC members. Upon receipt of the application form, a qualifying audit will be scheduled by AGC Safety Services staff.
Qualifying Audit   This audit is required for your company to qualify for AGC Safety Team status. Our staff performs a detailed review of your company’s jobsite safety policies and procedures to ensure that your company’s program meets industry safety standards. An approved safety audit checklist with over 200 criteria is used, and is available for your review in advance of your qualifying audit. If deficiencies are found, you would have thirty days to rectify the issues.
Annual Audits   To remain a qualified member of the AGC Safety Team, your company must pass an annual safety audit.
To find out more about Safety Team membership, contact the AGC Safety Services department at 206.284.0061, or email Mandi Kime, AGC Safety Services Director.
Safety Team banners, stickers, logo

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