When it comes to individual refunds back to members, AGC's Workers’ Comp Group-Retro Program is a top  industry performer. With a $40M premium base and a twenty-year record of positive refunds, more than half of participating companies receive refunds of 40% or more of their Labor & Industries premiums -- with top performers' refunds as high as 75%.

AGC's workers' comp Group-Retro program can help you to

  • decrease your experience rating, saving you money in industrial-insurance premiums and helping you bid more competitively;
  • improve your bottom line through a performance-based refund formula that rewards improved safety and claims management;
  • minimize costs when injuries or occupational conditions occur;
  • provide a supervised light-duty program for injured employees that enables them to return to the workforce with knowledge of construction safety;
  • create and maintain safe worksites and improve employee morale, and
  • save time and money using AGC’s professional claims managers.

...and offers you

  • one-on-one claim review and ongoing "hands-on" assistance from AGC’s certified claims managers at no charge;
  • two full-time safety professionals to assist you at no charge;
  • the lowest administrative costs of any competing Retro program -- with no quarterly fees;
  • an 80% success rate on industrial-insurance appeals and free mediation representation;
  • Modified-Duty Site Resource Centers in Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Everett and Yakima as well as a portable program enabling you to accommodate injured employees with meaningful light-duty activities anywhere;
  • free advice, training, workshops and updates on managing workers’ compensation and safety issues;
  • representation with Department of Labor and Industries, doctors, vocational counselors, attorneys and Board of Industrial Insurance appeals.
  • underwriting requirements include $25,000 minimum premium, two out of three years positive loss history, and commitments to achieve AGC Safety Team® in eleven months, keep injured employees on salary in lieu of L&I time loss for thirty days, and provide light-duty return to work.
  • $2,000 refundable one-time deposit – no quarterly fees, and
  • no membership hostage requirement after participation ends.

For more information, contact Lauren Gubbe at 360.352.1632 or 888.227.3876. For a free and confidential analysis of what your refunds would have been in the AGC Workers' Compensation Group-Retro Program, complete and return the authorization form.


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