AGC of Washington provides a wide range of labor services for both union and open-shop contractors.

AGC can help you
  • Cultivate a skilled, competitive, readily available workforce
  • Promote stable relations between unions and contractors
  • Promote a level playing field for union and open-shop companies
  • Combat unfair labor practices and excessive government regulation
  • Reasonable wage rates, benefits and work rules
  • Save time and money through AGC professional staff expertise
  • Find new employees fast and cost-effectively online with AGC's JOBsite 

Agreements reached with all unions

On June 1, 2012, AGC reached an agreement with the Carpenters' Union. With this agreement, negotiations with all of the basic crafts -- including Laborers, Teamsters, Operating Engineers and Cement Masons -- have been completed. These agreements include several common elements and wage and fringe packages in the 2-3% per year range.

For more details, such as effective dates and first-year wage and fringe rates, click here.



Union Labor
Doug Peterson - Director, Labor Relations
Direct line: 206.812.4848

Andrew Ledbetter - Labor Relations
Direct line: 206.812.4865

Open Shop
David Kearby, Central Washington District Manager


2015 Merit Shop wage and benefit survey.



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