Subcontractor members provide on-site labor to perform some portion of a construction contract. A Subcontractor member must be regularly established in business and be doing a predominant amount of its business as a subcontractor. Subcontractors holding a general-contractor license who submit bids directly to owners may be required to join as General Contractor members.

Annual dues are based on the previous year’s volume.

Previous Year's Volume
Total AGC Dues
$0 - 1.0M
$ 990
$1,000,001 - 2.0M
$2,000,001 - 3.5M
$3,500,001 - 5.0M
$5,000,001 - 7.5M
$7,500,001 - 10M
Over $10M

Special Introductory Offer For New Subcontractor Members - 2015

Introductory Subcontractor Members are subcontractors who have not been members of the AGC of Washington chapter for the last three years. In addition, Introductory Subcontractor members must meet the qualifications for a Subcontractor membership at the time of the trial period. Introductory Contractor designation is granted only for the first year with a dues payment of $1,700, regardless of volume (dues are pro-rated after January 31.) At the end of the first year, membership is automatically converted to Subcontractor status unless the company is an active participant in the AGC Group Retro Workers' Compensation Program.

Introductory Subcontractor dues: $1,700
First year only, irrespective of volume

Extended Introductory Membership
Available for AGC Group-Retro participants only.

Year 1 & 2 irrespective of volume

(Year 1 is pro-rated if joining after January 31)

Year 3, irrespective of volume $1,800
Year 4, irrespective of volume $1,900
Year 5+
Company pays full Subcontractor volume dues - Please refer to the dues volume chart at the top of the page

Dues payment may be made by check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. New-member dues will be prorated at the time of joining and are due in full upon receipt of invoice. The due date for annual renewal is January 15, but a 2% discount may be taken by renewing members if payment for 100% of dues is received by December 13. For more information, call or e-mail Stacy Mullane at 206.284.0061.

AGC of Washington is a non-profit corporation. Our federal tax ID No. is 91-0911236. AGC of Washington elects not to pay the federal proxy tax on lobbying. Lobbying activities are a percentage of AGC of Washington chapter dues. This means that a portion of your AGC of America dues and AGC of Washington chapter dues are deductible on your tax return as ordinary and necessary business expense. Contributions or gifts to AGC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

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