Corporate/Seattle District Office
1200 Westlake Avenue N, Suite 301
Seattle WA  98109-3528

Phone: 206.284.0061,
Toll-Free: 800.562.2868

Kelly Barber, Controller

Richard Bristow, Director of Properties & Membership

Greg Crisostomo, Senior Accountant

David D'Hondt, Executive Vice President

Jerry Dinndorf, Seattle District Manager

Randy Guzman, Assistant Safety Director

Mandi Kime, Director of Safety

Andrew Ledbetter, Safety Specialist/Labor Relations

Sean Lewis, Marketing Manager

Valerie Matt, Staff Accountant

Stacy Mullane, Member Services Coordinator

Doug Peterson, Director of Labor Relations

Penny Schmitt, Safety & Labor Relations Assistant

Jenna Shames, Customer Service Associate

Dani Tijan, Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Jerry VanderWood, Director of Communications & Lobbyist



Southern District Office (Fife)

3601 20th Street East
Fife WA  98424

Phone: 253.896.0033
Fax: 253.896.0036

Tim Attebery, Southern District Manager

Sue Larsen, Membership & Events Coordinator



North District Office (Bellingham)

119 North Commercial, #110
Bellingham WA  98225

Phone: 360.223.8757
Fax: 360.734.1332

Liz Evans, Northern District Manager



Central Washington District Office (Yakima)

The Larson Building
6 South Second Street, Suite 910
Yakima WA  98901

Phone: 509.454.5064
Toll-Free: 800.574.6074
Fax: 509.452.6503

David Kearby, Central Washington District Manager



Legislative Office (Olympia)
410 11th Avenue SE, Suite 203
Olympia WA  98501-2383

Phone: 360.352.5000
Toll-Free: 800.690.2630
Fax: 360.352.4411

Van Collins, Chief Lobbyist & General Counsel

Michele Willms, GAC Office Manager/Administrative Assistant



Group Retro Office (Olympia)

PO Box 12629
Olympia WA  98508-2629

Phone: 360.352.1632
Toll-Free: 888.227.3876
Fax: 360.352.2940



AGC Education Foundation (Seattle)
1200 Westlake Avenue N, Suite 301
Seattle WA  98109-3528

Phone: 206.284.4500
Toll-Free: 800.562.2868
Fax: 206.284.4595

Diane Kocer, Executive Director

Dan Morris, Director of Education and Training

Mick Newell, Program Manager, Education and Marketing

Adrienne Woods, Programs Marketing Coordinator



AGC Building Property Management Office (Seattle)
1200 Westlake Avenue N, Suite 301
Seattle WA  98109-3528

Phone: 206.812.0805
Paula Jackson, Property Manager

Charles "Chuck" Quick, Facilities Engineer

Northern District

Southern District

Seattle District

Central District


1200 Westlake Avenue N, Suite 301 | Seattle WA 98109
Phone 206.284.0061 | Fax 206.285.4546
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